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    Charlie Higson The Enemy Book 4


    ^ "A Master Class in Dealing With the Undead"Though Sam finds safety and friendship at the Tower with Jordan Hordern's crew, he can't settle downJester David's right-hand man in the Buckingham Palace groupThe actionand boy, is there actiontakes us through a London transformed by the unexplained illness that has turned every adult into a shuffling, drooling, kid-crunching machineThis time it seems like the virus seems to be evolving, and the remaining diseased seem to be getting more organizedIf Achilleus wins, the Palace kids will get control over the park and use it as farmlandHow you could find your own way through itCharlie is a fan of zombie movies and believes that we shouldn't try to prevent young people from experiencing fear, because it helps prepare them for later lifeBig Mick A fighter in the Morrisons groupIt's a bit different going into Book 4 because while action is still there and it's gross.We finally get major character development.A good chunk of the sacrifice deals with the Lamb & The goat plot as well as character's fears and need to believe in something(hide spoiler)] I think in the next book the kids will have to organizeA storm of controversy erupts when Rosemary Sheffield--the vicar's wife--suddenly announces that she no believes in GodI just have to know what happens next! Charlie Higson managed to create a series that will catch you and wont let you off the hookand some will be more willing to share power than othersSheer fun."Michael Grant, author of the Gone seriesPRAISE FOR THE ENEMY ".the action is of the first order-Higson writes with a firestorm velocity that inspires to the sweeping reach of Stephen King's The Stand."ALA BooklistPRAISE FOR THE ENEMYTop Shelf Fiction for Middle Grade ReadersVOYA From the Publisher there are coincidences! I don't know if Higson will be taking that any further or not 5c5c846363

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